The front pages of the world’s newspapers tomorrow will undoubtedly feature photos of world leaders hugging and shaking hands to celebrate the reaching of a deal at the climate change talks in Paris. President Obama, anxious to play some golf in Hawaii, broke into the news at 5:30 p.m. to make a statement to the American people and share how this agreement will benefit his grandchildren someday should one of his children be punished with a child.

That’s funny to see the words “American” and “leadership” put next to each other like that, especially by the president.

What we won’t see on the news is the reaction of reporters to the agreement.

Are these reporters? It certainly looks like a media room, and the Vine was posted by Miranda Johnson, who writes for The Economist as M.S.L.J. and very likely would have been monitoring the proceedings with other journalists.

If you click on the link in T. Becket Adam’s tweet you’ll find the tweet comparing the agreement to a World Cup victory has been deleted, but fortunately, SooperMexican has a screenshot on his website.