Ben Carson, once neck-and-neck with Donald Trump in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, has been slipping in the polls recently, and in a speech today to the Republican Jewish Coalition likely disqualified himself for the office of president.

“He repeatedly mispronounced the name of the extremist group Hamas,” wrote the New York Times, “saying something that sounded more like hummus.” Ari Fleischer was thoughtful enough to tweet a sympathetic note.

ABC News, The Hill and others also made note of Carson’s pronunciation of Hamas, with ABC News tweeting a segment of the speech for good measure.

Carson seems like an intelligent fellow, but we’ll admit it’s best to find out this kind of information before he’s mistakenly elected and mispronouncing words on TOTUS.

It made YouTube:

“Corpse-man” is a classic, but President Obama really gave an education to all of us who mispronounce OB/GYN.

Maybe that’s how they pronounce it in Austrian.