The public and the media got a good chuckle out of the GOP’s Wi-Fi password for Tuesday night’s debate, as journalists covering the debate had to enter “StopHillary” into their laptops to connect to the venue’s Wi-Fi network.

According to The Hill, the Democrats are “firing back” tonight by trolling the GOP with their own Wi-Fi login name: 13MillionNewJobs. That’s hilarious, but the joke doesn’t stop there. There is no password, because “The Democratic Party is the party of inclusion.”

That’s a fantastic question that almost certainly won’t be asked tonight.

The were some concerns about privacy, but Hillary Clinton’s IT guy ensured everything was perfectly safe.

* * *

Update: Sen. Claire McCaskill is on site, and it seems like Clinton’s IT guy really did set up the network, probably in the women’s restroom supply closet.