Yesterday, the White House began soliciting questions from Native American youth for him to address as this year’s White House Tribal Nations Conference. Via Twitter, those with questions for the president could direct them to his attention with the #GenIAsksObama hashtag — GenI being short for Generation Indigenous.

Good question. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, etc.

President Obama began the conference with prepared remarks and then had a sit-down chat with a handful of tribal representatives. First, though, he adopted his new tribal name, President Barack Black Eagle.

Ah, we can see why the name change was necessary.

Rest assured, the EPA is working on it.


President Obama did manage to work in his own pet issues of climate change and sports teams with stereotypical names and mascots, a concern he shares with Adidas.

Here’s a purely optional exercise for those suffering from insomnia: Watch a portion of President Obama’s “worth watching” conversation and be glad he relies on the teleprompter as much as he does.

Now you know what he meant when he said many of the young people he’s met have gone through more than anybody should have to experience in a lifetime.