Members of the International Association of Chiefs of Police met in Chicago this weekend to discuss such topics as “Building Community Trust and Justice” and “Violence Among Young Men of Color: Why It Is Important to Police.”

Just outside, #BlackLivesMatters activists, anarchists, and other groups showed their appreciation by chaining themselves together, blocking intersections, holding “die-ins,” and pulling down the American flag, all chronicled on Twitter under the #StopTheCops hashtag.

In today’s hostile climate of “dead cops” chants and cold-blooded murders, we often ask ourselves why anyone would want to be a police officer. Law enforcement inside the convention provided their own handwritten answers to that question under the hashtag, #WhyIWearTheBadge.

The IACP also debuted its video of the same name, compiling tweets, Facebook posts, and handheld signs explaining why officers chose their profession.

We recommend watching on YouTube as the text will be easier to read. Here are a couple of example entries:



Tomorrow’s special guest: President Barack “Beer Summit” Obama, who will talk gun control and criminal justice reform.

What’s the chance he’ll sit quietly and listen as police officers talk to him about gun control and criminal justice reform?