At least one tweeter called it “quite possibly the stupidest column ever,” even by Salon standards. D. Watkins, described in his biography as an adjunct professor at Coppin State and winner of Baltimore magazine’s “Best Writer” award in 2015, last week suggested a rather dramatic form of gun control that we can’t reconcile with the Second Amendment no matter how hard we try.

“You will be granted the right to purchase the firearm of your choice,” wrote Watkins, if you first agree to be shot. “You need to feel a bullet rip through your flesh, and if you survive and enjoy the feeling­­ — then the right to bear arms will be all yours.”

The NRA isn’t mentioned except in the headline, which Watkins might or might not have written, and which calls those who enjoy and exercise their Second Amendment rights “gutless NRA cowards.”

The NRA responded to Salon today, not with an equal measure of “violent rhetoric” but the frustration of trying to find common ground with anti-gun rights extremists.

Take a bullet? Who wants to take Watkins’ writing class for a semester, and what stunt do you have to perform first to earn your right to free speech in the classroom?