Within hours of the shocking #UCCShooting Thursday in Oregon, President Obama suggested that the killings be politicized, but not before plenty of others had beaten him to the punch. Among the most infuriating was former Attorney General Eric Holder, who asked rhetorically, “Is the answer to our gun violence epidemic to do nothing? Again?”

Plenty reminded the clueless Holder about his own personal contribution to gun violence through the Fast and Furious gun walking operation, a scandal he managed to walk away from successfully with the cooperation of President Obama.

We’d just like to note quickly, then, that two more men accused of the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, Jesus Leonel Sanchez-Meza and Ivan Soto-Barraza, were found guilty of first- and second-degree murder Thursday, KVOA reports. Two others had earlier accepted plea deals, and two remain fugitives.

Attorneys representing the two men had wanted the source of the guns found at the scene of Terry’s murder entered into the trial, but a judge ruled against it, apparently agreeing with the prosecuting attorney that invoking the “Fast and Furious” investigation would “serve no legitimate purpose because that connection is irrelevant to the charges against the defendants.”

Current Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch said in a statement that the verdict was — take a deep, relaxing breath — “the result of years of tireless effort from dozens of dedicated law enforcement officers, prosecutors and investigators committed to ensuring that the murder of their friend and colleague does not go unpunished.”

Unpunished? Did we mention Eric “Contempt of Court” Holder is still a free man?