At least one of Jake Tapper’s viewers is disappointed that the CNN anchor would fall for such a non-story as Hillary Clinton receiving spam in her inbox — probably the exact same spam message parked in all of our spam folders right this minute, and we don’t even know it.

How could an esteemed reporter such as Tapper retweet this sort of garbage? Clinton has admitted before that she’s “simply a passive recipient of unwitting information.”

Maybe Tapper and Gawker’s John Cook could borrow the keys to the Clinton campaign’s “Mystery Machine,” because they seem like they’re just about to close this case.

Good point. Because there’s no chance whatsoever that Clinton — who’s so computer savvy she can’t find the ringer on her phone without help — might think the traffic citations were a mistake and open the email out of curiosity. No one would fall for that; if they did, there’d be a whole industry built around PC virus removal.

So sure, the secretary of state received some spam on her private, unsecured, unauthorized server containing classified information.

Is it too late for TIME’s Zeke Miller to get in on this hot take?

Speaking of non-stories, there’s nothing to see here either. Just pretend it’s not there.