Thanks to the latest dump of State Department emails, we now know that the woman who wants to run the country needed the assistance of an aide to turn on the ringer on her phone. It’s not the only problem former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton encountered; even when she managed to dial a telephone by herself, it turned into high drama, as Oliver Darcy of TheBlaze discovered.

Clinton certainly does sound frustrated, seeing as that second paragraph is actually a run-on, one-sentence rant against a White House operator who apparently didn’t take Clinton’s word for it that it was really her calling and asked for her direct office line. “I told him I had no idea what my direct office # was since I didn’t call myself and I just hung up.” Sound like the operator knows something about security.

Adding to the indignity, Clinton was forced to follow the rules and follow channels “like a proper and properly dependent Secretary of State.”

Anonymous White House Operator 2016!



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