There’s no question that the #BlackLivesMatter movement wants to exert its influence on the 2016 elections. Activists famously took over a Seattle rally by the “utterly and totally useless” Sen. Bernie Sanders before launching the #BowDownBernie hashtag. Hillary Clinton, who committed the shocking faux pas of proclaiming in a black church that “All lives matter” granted protesters a 15-minute meeting.

Those were both small-time efforts by local chapters, though. As Twitchy reported, the real leadership of the movement recently hit Washington, D.C. to meet with Sanders, presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett and who knows who else to promote #CampaignZero, which calls for racial bias testing and training of law enforcement, demilitarization of police departments, recruitment of minority police officers, mandating of body cameras, ending federal marijuana prohibition, and much more.

However, a new joint poll by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal shows that more Democrats would be willing to carry an “All Lives Matter” sign than a “Black Lives Matter” sign — and only then after flying the flag for Planned Parenthood funding (no irony there). A word cloud drawn up by NBC News shows those concerns which rated only tiny print; e.g., Stop police brutality and legalize pot.

It’s funny: The most #AllLivesMatter signs we’ve ever seen carried at one time were the multiple thousands at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Unity event. Maybe “All lives matter” has more unifying power than anyone suspected.

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