Like him or not, Sen. Bernie Sanders has delivered some powerful speeches to enthusiastic crowds of thousands upon thousands. That’s on a good day; Sanders is also famous for surrendering the stage to #BlackLivesMatters protesters, who have literally taken over the microphone while Sanders stood by powerless.

Among the chaos and yelling at Netroots Nation, Sanders attempted to tell the crowd that he was part of the March on Washington in 1963. As we learned from the #NotAnAlly thread, though:

This isn’t MLK, though; this is Deray McKesson, one of a group of activists who “have built the most formidable American protest movement of the 21st century to date.” He also appears on the White House Visitors Log three times in 2011, although his defenders explained that he was just taking the public tour (and meeting with Zachary Russem, former regional field director for Obama for America).

At last, we may finally achieve the understanding that has made the relationship between Sanders and the #BlackLivesMatter movement so contentious.

Don’t forget that Hillary Clinton already had her 15-minute closed door meeting with #BlackLivesMatter agitators who arrived just a bit too late to crash her event in New Hampshire. That was just a local chapter, though; this is Deray.