Earlier this week, as his fourth official visit to Africa approached, the president held a celebration at the White House to commemorate a 10-year renewal of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, “to help our African partners unleash the enormous potential of their continent while simultaneously growing new markets and opportunities for our own businesses, investors and entrepreneurs.”

Some assumed there was a direct relationship between the renewal of AGOA and the president’s trip; that is, he would speak with Africa’s leaders about trade and entrepreneurship. President Obama still seems to be riding the high on the Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, though, and chose instead to encourage Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta to address the treatment of gays in his country.

Kenyetta responded that gay rights really isn’t high on his agenda right now.

So what happened to the 5,000 naked men and women greeting President Obama to protest his “open and aggressive support” for homosexuality by showing him explicitly the difference between men and women? They didn’t, uh, show, being assured by President Kenyetta that gay rights was not on President Obama’s agenda.

Oh, and it turns out there was a Global Entrepreneurship Summit after all: