First lady Michelle Obama and a panel of guests including Education Secretary Arne Duncan, E! News co-anchor Terrence J, and rapper Wale assembled at the 2015 Beating the Odds Summit this afternoon at the White House “to make education cool again” and encourage first-generation college students to succeed.

First, though, the audience was prepped with this incredibly informative graphic explaining the finer points of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) program.

Mrs. Obama then gave her own personal account of the influence of education on her own life.

Wale capped off the summit with a performance, and it looks as though the president sneaked in to check it out, and share a few words about himself.

Whatever happened to that plan to offer two free years of community college to everyone willing to work for it? That clock is ticking on that second term.

Except rap.

We’re not sure how Wale got the gig, but he wasn’t such a bad choice. He claims not to be political, but once called Sen. Reid “sketchy” for his sudden concern over the Washington Redskins’ name: “He don’t know anything about Washington team and I doubt he cares,” Wale tweeted. “He just using a sensitive time to garner attention. Easy call.”

Proving his claim not to be political, Wale also confused Reid with another sketchy guy.