The most progressive of the progressive at Netroots Nation 2015 have provided conservatives with a great deal of entertainment today, not to mention made Bernie Sanders very cranky and Martin O’Malley very apologetic. Fortunately, there’s still plenty of Netroots action to come, and the legendary Instapundit has been busy retweeting some of the most thought provoking posts from the gathering.

First of all, Gregory Cendana, chair of the National Council of Asian Pacific Americas, wants white people to know that it’s time to start talking to other white people about racism.

Hey, that sounds exactly like the pitch for MTV’s upcoming “White People” special, directed by illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas. “Let’s get uncomfortable” (and cry).

Now, can we please talk about the bees?

Ecofeminism? Sounds better than what comes next: #NN15 sex education.

And that’s our sign to pull the emergency eject.

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