President Obama golfed for six hours in Maryland this afternoon and will likely get a good rest tomorrow as he has a busy week planned. Visits next week include the NAACP, the Choctaw Nation, and the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma.

Yahoo! News reports that the president will grant clemency to dozens of inmates during his visit to the prison.

President Obama will use his clemency power to release dozens of inmates from federal custody this week, doubling the commutations he’s granted so far and reassuring advocates that he is serious about using his executive authority to free people serving long decades for nonviolent crimes.

The commutations will be granted during a criminal-justice-heavy week for the president. On Tuesday, he addresses the NAACP’s annual conference in Philadelphia, where he will speak about the need to reform mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent crimes, which disproportionately affect men and women of color.