Writing for RH Reality Check, Renee Bracey Sherman notes that she, like “Girls” actress Jemima Kirke, frequently shares her abortion story publicly. While critics such as The Daily Beast’s Emily Shire argue that sharing abortion anecdotes does little to alter policy or help “an undocumented immigrant in the Rio Grande Valley … to have an abortion,” Sherman contends that abortion stories do their part to “normalize a stigmatized experience.”

Sherman cites the nonprofit Sea Change Program for which she has consulted, which through research shows that “abortion stigma is a societal belief that abortion is morally wrong.”

Stories about personal experiences with abortion might have some influence on how people view abortion, but it’s hard to tell when all we hear instead is DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz championing her support for no abortion restrictions whatsoever, no matter how close to term the unborn baby is.