Like the IRS says, if you obtained health insurance coverage through an insurance exchange in 2014, you’ll be receiving one additional form this year: Form 1095-A. Eventually. Maybe. Quite a few on social media are reporting that they haven’t received theirs yet, and as USA Today notes, you can’t file your tax return without it.

“Please make sure you get your 1095-A before filing,” said Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen in a media call.

The tax filer would need to file an amended return down the road, creating more trouble, if you file without the 1095-A.

If you had health insurance through an employer last year, your health insurance coverage would be reported on your W-2 Form and you’d check a box. About 75% to 80% of tax filers would fall under the just check-a-box arena.

If Form 1095-A is lost, never shows up, or is wrong, taxpayers must contact their marketplace directly.

Maybe you can borrow one from this fellow.

Getting through to the marketplace might be a hassle, but personalized help and the human touch more than make up for it. They really listen.

How many illegals are signed up, anyway? Covered California’s executive director isn’t telling.

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