After seeing Secretary of State John Kerry prop up fossilized crooner James Taylor on a stool to serenade the French with “You’ve Got a Friend,” we’d have bet any amount of money that we’d seen the most pathetic reaction possible to the terrorist massacre in Paris. MSNBC turbo-weenie Chris Hayes reminds Twitter tonight that he’s still in the running, though, taking a shot at the RNC for not posting the Mohammad cartoons on its website.

Why doesn’t he just look them up on his own site? Oh.

As noted by The Wrap, MSNBC’s Christiane “Activists” Amanpour, Lawrence O’Donnell and Hayes all have opined that MSNBC ought to show the cartoons as a matter of newsworthiness; however, network policy precludes the showing of images that could offend the audience based on race, religion, and ethnicity. You could watch Hayes undergo his moral struggle on MSNBC’s website, but you’d be better off watching this Vine instead.

That is indeed the cover of “Charlie Hebdo” as shown on “Ronan Farrow Daily.” It looks a little blurry from Hayes’ tears, but it’s there.

What next from the No. 1 name in cutting-edge news?