We all know how busy the Massachusetts State Police were this morning when they confronted a crew of #BlackLivesMatter douchebarrels chained together in order to block traffic (and emergency vehicles) in both directions on busy I-93 near Boston.

It might seem minor in comparison, but Massachusetts State Police and the Boston Fire Department also had to deal with a balloon filled with an unknown white power that someone parked outside of the State House.

No, it turned out to be corn starch — but it was a stunt that managed to divert first responders from other work.

The Boston Globe reports:

Firefighters conducted a field test of the substance to see if it was hazardous. When the tests came up negative, they packaged the powder and transported it to a state lab in Jamaica Plain, where it will undergo further analysis, MacDonald said.

No one was injured and no evacuations were necessary, since the substance remained outside, MacDonald said.

State Police, who are investigating the incident, said late Thursday afternoon that the substance was corn starch.

We wonder that too. It certainly wasn’t someone who respects first responders and their time and safety.