It’s a strange time for freedom of speech. The (literally) surviving staff of Charlie Hebdo have already revealed the cover of their next issue, which features an image of Mohammad holding a “Je Suis Charlie” sign. In the meantime, the editorial board of the University of Chicago student newspaper is writing of its concern over a report by the school’s Committee on Free Expression.

Their concern? The university’s Committee on Free Expression, comprising seven professors, makes too wide an accommodation for free speech. After all, underrepresented groups, diversity, inclusion and the “fearful climate” on campus must be taken into account.

“In order to forge an inclusive campus climate,” the paper’s editorial board writes, “the University must maintain a consistent commitment to eradicating hate speech and harassment in campus discussion. Free expression and a campus climate of inclusivity are not mutually exclusive. Rather, fostering a culture of inclusivity will serve to increase the quality and diversity of discourse on campus.”

Sadly, they’re serious.