As Twitchy reported, an Oberlin professor demonstrated the perfect two-letter response to a student’s lengthy email request to delay the final exam on behalf of students of color traumatized by the grand jury decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases.

In the meantime, law schools have been struggling with the decision to delay final exams.

A third-year student at Harvard Law School and editor on the Harvard Law Review weighed in yesterday in an op-ed for the National Law Journal entitled, “Delaying Exams Is Not a Request from ‘Coddled Millennials’.” Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume has fingers crossed that the piece is a parody and has asked followers for their opinion.

Here’s a sample for your consideration:

I have seen the psychological trauma brought on by disillusionment with our justice system send some law students into a period of depression. After all, every death of an unarmed youth at the hands of law enforcement is a tragedy. The hesitancy to recognize the validity of these psychic effects demonstrates that, in addition to conversations on race, gender and class, our nation is starving for a genuine discussion about mental health. But to reduce our calls for exam extensions to mere cries for help exhibits a failure to understand the powerful images of die-ins and the booming chants of protestors disrupting the continuation of business as usual in cities across the country.

Where some commentators see weakness or sensitivity, perhaps they should instead see strength—the strength to know when our cups of endurance have run over and when the time for patience has ended. Perhaps they should instead see courage—the courage to look our peers in the eyes and uncomfortably ask them to bear these burdens of racism and classism that we have together inherited from generations past. We have taken many exams before, but never have we done this. We are scared, but no longer will we be spectators to injustice.

So, are these the thoughts of a third-year law student or a coddled millennial?

You can’t deny that William Desmond’s op-ed has had an effect on some readers.

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