As Twitchy reported Tuesday night, a reporter named Marcus DiPaola sent a desperate tweet to colleagues, warning them to stay far from the Michael Brown memorial on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Mo., as he had just been attacked and robbed at gunpoint.

At almost the same time, police scanner reports told of a carjacking involving a member of the media. As the Riverfront Times reported, the two incidents were indeed related. Freelancer reporter Emily Molli and cameraman DiPaola told police that 15 to 20 masked black men brandishing guns and hammers chased them to their car, smashed out the windows, and demanded the keys from Molli, pointing a gun to her head.

Before the seriousness of the crime was known, some folks had fun with the idea that anyone would steal (or drive) a Prius.

In the end, despite being attacked by a mob and carjacked, DiPaola kept a brave face about his Prius.

Bonus points for tenacity.