It’s not only the power of the purse that Republicans are considering as a means of putting the brakes on President Obama’s executive amnesty. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott handily (and not surprisingly) defeated Wendy Davis in the race to be Texas’ next governor, and he’s already lined up his next fight: Abbott announced Thursday night his intention to challenge Obama’s executive amnesty in court “immediately.”

Who else is on board? Without revealing specific details, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt also announced that a lawsuit is in the works.

Reuters reported Friday that a handful of governors have also suggested filing lawsuits against the president in response to his executive amnesty announcement. “Republican governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Rick Perry of Texas and Pat McCrory of North Carolina have all voiced support for taking legal action without giving further details,” says Mica Rosenberg.

“With this latest executive order, President Obama is making new law by bypassing Congress,” wrote McCrory in a statement. “I’m already discussing with other governors a long-term solution to immigration reform as well as an appropriate legal response to this unconstitutional overreach of the White House.”

Going full out? Lawsuit, please.


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