Tension in Ferguson, Mo., already high, has been ratcheting up ever since word got out that President Obama had called Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon Nov. 7 to discuss the situation there, leading many to assume that a grand jury decision was imminent. Today, Nixon has again activated the National Guard and declared a state of emergency.

Protests in Ferguson have grown and shrunk but never quite stopped since the shooting death of Michael Brown, and this week protesters are blocking intersections throughout the city.

In October, after criticism that the police response to protesters was too heavy handed, authorities chose to back off and let demonstrators largely police themselves, leaving it to protesters to direct traffic around roadblocks, as in the case of this ambulance.

What do the city streets in and around Ferguson look like this week?

That video of the car being stopped and surrounded has really touched a nerve.

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Bottles, bricks, and arrests: Ferguson protesters shut down traffic [photos, Vine]