How’s this for odd?

We’re pretty sure there aren’t any AT-ATs patrolling Ferguson, Mo., tonight, but who knows? Maria Chappelle Nadal, a member of the Missouri General Assembly, has asked Mike Brown supporters, rather cryptically, to report any “oddities” or “environmental changes” in their neighborhoods.

Environmental changes like this, we think.

What do we know for sure? The president called Gov. Jay Nixon today for an update on the situation in Ferguson.

What don’t we know? Quite a bit, such as when the grand jury will announce whether Officer Darren Wilson will be charged in the death of Michael Brown. St. Louis American writer and managing editor Chris King is among those who can’t take the rumors anymore.

In the meantime, claims of roaming AT-ATs aren’t so far off. Tanks? We do know that “photo” of a column of tanks rolling into town was bogus, right?

* * *


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