Does anyone else remember President Obama’s Dec. 2009 interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which he graded his first year in office as “a good solid B-plus”? That was a good laugh even at the time, but the laughs are far fewer now six years into his presidency. As the Washington Examiner reports today, respected pollster John Zogby awards Obama a “D” for the week before critical midterm elections, down from a “C” last week.

Writes Zogby, “Nationwide, Mr. Obama’s approval is at 45 percent. But competitive candidates for the Senate don’t want him anywhere near them, and that has to stink. Alone and unloved as the election approaches.”

Alone and unloved? That’s harsh. But even the president has publicly addressed his unpopularity on the campaign trail, bravely keeping a stiff upper lip and telling the press that “This isn’t about my feelings being hurt.” These tweets won’t even sting a little bit, then.