Twitchy has reported on the viral “catcalling” video making the rounds on YouTube this week, which paints catcalling as the outrage du jour by purporting to show the verbal abuse a woman endures during a 10-hour walk through the streets of New York.

Richochet features two must-read pieces on the catcalling “epidemic,” one by Jon (@ExJon) Gabriel and another by Amelia (@AmeliaHammy) Hamilton. Hamilton, author of the “Growing Patriots” series of children’s books, writes about a time when men were gentlemen:

Then feminism came along. They upset the balance in a good way by earning women equal rights. They upset the balance in a bad way by acting like idiots. When the battle cry of women is consequence-free sex, free birth control, and free abortion, it’s not surprising that men see women as objects for sex. When politicians pander to women based on these issues, telling women to “vote like your lady parts depend on it,” it shows that society has taken these messages to heart. When women actually respond positively to these messages and vote for those candidates, it is clearly indicative of how much respect they have for themselves as sentient beings.

Definitely read the whole piece, but first read this practical guide to dealing with modern men.

Lesson learned.