Somewhere, ABC News’ Brian Ross is busily trying to connect the Tea Party to a hatchet attack on four New York City police officers Thursday afternoon, but in a miraculous change of pace, CNN is already reporting that the attacker might have been motivated by radical Islam.

CNN on its website reports:

A man charged at four New York police officers Thursday afternoon, metal hatchet in hand, hitting one officer in the right arm and another in the head, the city’s police commissioner said.

The two officers who weren’t struck shot and killed the suspect, who has not been identified by name and is believed to be about 32 years old, according to police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

The police officer who was struck in the head remains in critical but stable condition.

Authorities are looking to see if the unprovoked attack, in the New York borough of Queens, is tied to recent calls by radicals to attack military and police officers, law enforcement officials say.

A tweet from Anderson Cooper’s TV show also suggests that the attacker’s social media accounts point to radical Islam.

Will other cable news pundits cover the story and, if so, will they warn viewers not to jump to conclusions about the religion of peace?

* * *

Update: Fox News’ Rick Leventhal has a bit of information about the attacker’s Facebook posts: