Columnist, TV personality and “Red Eye” favorite Jedediah Bila says she’ll never get tired of stories about Charlie Crist and his portable fan. Crist’s fan became a “star” at his most recent debate with Fla. Gov. Rick Scott, who complained to debate organizers about Crist’s little blowing friend hidden under his lectern. Crist supporters called it the moment that Scott lost the election and have since taken the fan joke to new levels.

This one? It’s a Photoshop, but a really good one.

National Review’s Jim Geraghty did his best to provide Bila with quality fan material.

For those who prefer romantic non-fiction to Twitter photos, be sure to check out Molly Ball’s piece in The Atlantic, “Charlie Crist’s Fan: A Love Story.” Yes, that’s the real title.

The last laugh? CNN has declared that small electric fans will not be allowed at next week’s gubernatorial debate.