In what’s perhaps the classiest protest to arise from the streets of Ferguson, Mo., a group of demonstrators interrupted the St. Louis Symphony’s performance Saturday to drop banners and sing a classical arrangement called “Requiem for Michael Brown.”

According to the St. Louis American, the stunt was the brainchild of Sarah Griesbach, who called it her “duty and desire to try to reach out and raise that awareness peacefully but also to disrupt the blind state of white St. Louis, particularly among the people who are secure in their blindness.”

While the singers gave their impromptu and uninvited performance from the seats, protesters in the balcony lowered banners spray-painted with the messages “Requiem for Mike Brown 1996-2014,” “Racism lives here,” and “Rise up and join the movement.”

The protest received applause from many of the musicians on stage and consternation from a good portion of the audience.




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