On Friday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand linked to an article in Cosmopolitan magazine about what colleges can do to prevent sexual assault. Gillibrand appeared briefly in the article for her work on the Campus Safety and Accountability Act, which would require educational institutions to gather information about students’ experiences with sexual assault via an annual survey.

Gillibrand was in the news this week for an interview in which she alleged that an older colleague squeezed her waist and said, “Don’t lose too much weight now. I like my girls chubby.” That sparked a debate: was Gillibrand obligated to name her harasser, or allow an “unidentified southern congressman” to enjoy his anonymity while telling Gillibrand, “You know Kirsten, you’re even pretty when you’re fat.”

The debate continued today, with many suggesting Gillibrand was setting a bad example by not naming names.


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