Last month, Fox News host Howard Kurtz bemoaned the “cruel circus” of rumors that David Gregory was on the way out at NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Chris Wallace also condemned the rumors, chastising NBC for leaving Gregory “twisting in the wind.”

Those rumors have only grown, though, with the latest word on the street that Chuck Todd will replace Gregory on Sunday mornings. Politico reports:

Chuck Todd, the NBC News political director and chief White House correspondent, is likely to succeed David Gregory as moderator of “Meet the Press,” with the change expected to be announced in coming weeks, top political sources told POLITICO’s Mike Allen.

The move is an effort by NBC News President Deborah Turness to restore passion and insider cred to a network treasure that has been adrift since the death of Tim Russert in 2008. Gregory, his replacement, suffered from low ratings and, in recent months, an onslaught of negative press reports.

While Todd is not a classic television performer, sources said his NBC bosses have been impressed by his love of the game, which brings with it authenticity, sources and a loyal following among newsmakers and political junkies.

Who knew? National Review’s Jonah Goldberg is a Chuck Todd fan. No, really.

I know he has his detractors on the right (and on the left!) and I’ve certainly had my disagreements with him. But I remain a fan. He’s a true student of politics and he sincerely tries to call ‘em like he sees him. As anyone who has followed my twitter feed probably knows, I am not a fan of David Gregory’s work at Meet the Press. He has no love for politics and always seems to be looking longingly at the Today Show desk.

You read that correctly: “right-wing shills.” Richard Grenell, please bring us back to reality.