Last Friday, workers at the Volkswagen factory in Chattanooga, Tenn., voted 712-626 not to unionize. The vote was a devastating blow to the United Auto Workers, and the UAW has filed an appeal with the National Labor Relations Board asserting that “interference by politicians and outside special interest groups” swayed the election.

Both of Tennessee’s senators issued statements on the appeal, with Sen. Bob Corker calling out the UAW for being interested only in its own survival.

Sen. Lamar Alexander also issued a statement, noting that labor laws are not written to “ensure that unions win.”

Labor laws are written to allow employees to decide whether they want a union, not to ensure that unions win. For thirty years, tens of thousands of new auto jobs have raised Tennessee family incomes and our workers have decided in almost every case that they are better off union-free. The UAW may not like this, but that is the right of employees in a right-to-work state like Tennessee.

Would a second election change the outcome?