The White House is excited to announce #BigBlockOfCheeseDay with as many puns as it can think of.

What is Big Block of Cheese Day? It’s a take on TV’s “The West Wing.” The White House explains:

In 1837, President Jackson hosted an open house featuring a 1,400-pound block of cheese. On Wednesday, January 29th, with a nod to history (and maybe the TV show the West Wing), White House officials will take to social media for a day long ‘open house’ to answer questions from everyday Americans.

Virtual Big Block of Cheese Day will be followed on Friday, January 31 by the first-ever Presidential @Google Hangout Road Trip. This virtual whistle stop tour will actually be a Google+ Hangout, during which the president will answer questions from the public sent in via YouTube or Google+. Just tag your 60-second video with #AskObama2014, like this: