Singer and feminist icon Ani DiFranco is hosting what she’s calling a “Righteous Retreat” near New Orleans next summer. Over four nights and three days, attendees will take place in “workshops and lessons that focus on developing one’s singular creativity” and perform for each other.

For fans of the singer, it sounds like the ideal weekend. One problem for many fans, though: the retreat is being held at Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, La. As Kat Endgame writes at PQ Monthly, “if you hold a big retreat just about anywhere you can trace the ownership to some rich white asshole, but I’m pretty sure with Ani Difranco’s immense DIY cred she could track down a location with a bit less baggage.”

What baggage? Well, the obvious kind, in that the plantation was once maintained by slaves but now is owned by a corporation that runs a profitable hotel and restaurant.

Capitalism is at work as well. Prices for the retreat range from $1,099 to $3,998.