As Twitchy reported, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services held a conference call Monday to provide an update on the progress of the website. Reporters who called in were kept waiting for 40 minutes, and a handful were kept waiting indefinitely for an answer regarding one particular site error.

The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein explains:

The files, known as “834” forms, contain all of the relevant personal information for individuals who have signed up for health insurance, along with details on their plan choices. But these forms have been riddled with errors such as duplicated enrollments and spouses getting mixed up with children.

If these forms are not fixed, then insurers cannot smoothly process payments or ensure that individuals are enrolled in the right plans. This could be a nightmare come Jan. 1, when individuals start attempting to use their insurance. Some may show up at doctors’ offices thinking they are covered, but find out that they never were actually enrolled.

CMS might be keeping the error rate from reporters, but has the president been told?