Some people can fit a lot into a 140-word tweet, but today Sen. Orrin Hatch lowered the boom with just four letters. What does he mean, though, by “Five”? Five, it turns out, is the number of people who have enrolled successfully in Washington, D.C.’s health care exchange since Oct. 1.

Hatch, together with Sen. Chuck Grassley, collected the information directly from the four insurance companies participating in the exchange, Politico reports:

Only five people have fully completed the enrollment process in the D.C. insurance exchange, according to information compiled by lawmakers from four of the insurance companies participating in the exchange.

Two people enrolled in CareFirst BlueShield plans during October and three enrolled in Kaiser Permanente plans during the month. No enrollment data has been collected by UnitedHealthcare or Aetna as of Nov. 4 or Oct. 24, respectively, the companies said.

In a statement, Hatch wrote, “With data from DC’s four participating health plans in, there’s been a whopping five people enrolled in the city’s exchange. That’s right five. Whether it’s significant problems with the website, people being forced off the coverage they had or skyrocketing costs, these numbers are even more proof of what a disaster ObamaCare is and why it should be delayed.”