Rumors that superstar rapper Jay Z is dead started yesterday evening with a satirical piece at The Rap Insider that soon went viral.

The first tip-off, of course, is the double entendre in the headline. No, Jay Z wasn’t found dead indoors; he was found dead inside.

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A quick scan of the first few paragraphs makes it abundantly clear that this obituary is not to be taken literally.

The world mourns today as Shawn Carter, AKA Jay Z, was found dead inside at the young age of 43.

While the official cause of death is still being investigated by Rap Genius editors and urban studies Ph.D.s, many have speculated that Jay Z killed himself inside.

“One minute he was doing great, producing lyrical dynamite full of incisive social commentary and witticisms,” remembers Christopher Wallace, AKA The Notorious B.I.G, whose soul remains alive despite his death in 1997.

“The next, he was an empty suit, laying face-down in a puddle of champagne and corporate sponsorships.”

No, it’s not real. The piece by “MC Infarction” (get it?) did induce quite a few heart attacks, though.