Remember Confederate Flag Guy? You should: in the limited media coverage the Million Veteran March during the government shutdown, one man holding a confederate flag magically became “Tea Party protesters” and grabbed nearly all the attention. What, then, to make of rapper Kanye West and his newfound appropriation of the confederate flag?

West has featured the confederate flag on recent tour merchandise.

He’s been photographed draped in the flag.

Today, gossip site published yet another photo of West sporting a custom jacket with the flag emblem. So what’s up? Is it true that he’s “reappropriating” the flag and making it his own, as he’s said in interviews? Sites like the Huffington Post have not been amused, writing:

Let’s hope Kanye is attempting to reappropriate the negative meaning behind the flag rather than outfitting thousands of clueless concert-goers in “racist” threads. We can just imagine all the white kids walking around in their “Yeezus” confederate flag shirts ready to refute any backlash with: “Yeezy taught me!”


What does Twitter have to say about it?