Yes, you read that right: today it’s celebrity gossip site TMZ weighing in on the Million Vet March this weekend, and singling out Sarah Palin for using the veterans as pawns for her political gain.

Says TMZ:

Sarah Palin needs a lesson in irony … she’s slamming government douchebags in DC for using American war heroes as “political pawns” … while at the same time, using the vets for her own political agenda.

The former Alaskan governor made a big show of staging her protest at the World War II memorial … and posing with angry decorated veterans who like her brand of politics.

It seems if she was posing for photos with “angry” decorated veterans, they weren’t angry about her being there. Maybe something (or someone) else had them upset. We noticed that President Obama didn’t show up or send a message (aside from ordering the Barrycades put back up) — maybe that was his way of showing respect for America’s vets.