A huge explosion forced the evacuation of the UC Berkeley campus Monday night.

A generator near the library was reportedly the source of the explosion. Campus police immediately began evacuating the area.


Students and others at the scene tweeted their concern.



The Daily Californian reports that electrical problems plagued the campus earlier in the day.

The campus is currently looking into an attempted theft of copper from the campus high-voltage system, which may have led to the outage, [communications director Christine] Shaff said.

Although backup generators had kicked in across campus, Shaff could not confirm when full power would be restored but said high-voltage crews have identified the problem and are working on ways to fix it.

Other crews have a list of the elevators people are trapped in and are currently working to get them out, she said.


Here’s video of the explosion, caught from a distance but giving a good idea of the confusion immediately following the blast.

As the Daily Californian suggested, it’s possible the explosion is linked to the theft of copper grounding wire last week.