You do remember all the buzz over Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis’ filibuster, don’t you? Rush Limbaugh’s official Obama criticizer does, and Bo Snerdley isn’t the only one sensing a different take from the media and other usual suspects.

Remember when Davis hijacked the state senate to ensure it would be legal in Texas to abort babies after the fifth month after conception? Here’s how the Huffington Post covered it, next to its headline about Cruz.

Wendy Davis became such an icon that women had her face made into nail art. Ted Cruz? He’s inspiring some, um, Photoshop projects.

What do some of Davis’ fans in entertainment and the media think about Cruz and his principled stand?

Do you know any good comedians, Lizz Winstead? Auditions start … right now!

Wow, did he really only filibuster for an hour? Or is that just part of the “bit”?

Markos, aren’t you following Lizz Winstead? Cruz’s fake filibuster was over hours ago.

One point overlooked among all the Wendy Davis worship; though her “heroic” filibuster was a huge media success and publicity booster, the Gosnell-inspired abortion clinic safety mandates she stood nearly 11 hours to block passed anyway. And somewhere a baby laughs and laughs.