When the Left deems a conservative “irrelevant” (see Sarah Palin, for example), it’s a sure bet that he or she wields massive influence. The liberals at Media Matters were gleeful to hear that Rush Limbaugh was being dropped by the Cumulus radio network; Eric Boehlert was certain Limbaugh was going to be taught the lesson that — ahem — “hate programming does not pay.”

Boehlert was at least paying attention closely enough to know that Limbaugh did indeed re-sign with Cumulus, which he announced on his show two weeks ago. Someone needs to tell Salon, though. Writer Prachi Gupta today published a list of 10 alternate careers he could pursue now that he and Cumulus have parted ways. Town crier, maybe?



Gupta also published a quick review of Limbaugh’s new children’s book, calling it “historically inaccurate and bizarre” and lamenting the years of damage elementary school teachers will have to undo. What we want to know is how Salon got a review copy so far in advance; the book, currently the number one best seller on Amazon, won’t be published until Oct. 29.

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