President Obama is putting together his Entertainment Advisory Council to do the job that the NFL just won’t do: help lay the track for the coming train wreck known as Obamacare. The state insurance exchanges aren’t ready, and the employer mandate has been pushed back until 2015. That leaves even more time for celebrities to convince fans just how awesome Obamacare will be when it finally gets here.

Singer-songwriter Jason Derulo was among those who today had “a really important mission with the man himself.”

Derulo tweeted again after the meeting, and it looks like the Affordable Care Act was an easy sell. Derulo, see, broke one of his vertebrae during a tour rehearsal in 2012; therefore, we all need Obamacare.

For his part, the president evidently shared the story of him sitting at the end of his mother’s hospital bed fighting for insurance — a story debunked by a New York Times journalist and awarded three Pinocchios by the fact-checkers at the Washington Post. Sure it was a lie, but it did touch a few hearts during the debates.

Cheer up — you’ll likely get to pay more soon.