Though a few have floated the idea of America needing to have a national conversation on race, Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall doesn’t want to obscure the real issue with general chatter on “racism.” The real problem in American race relations isn’t racism, see, but white supremacy — something the Right just refuses to admit. Just ask Touré.

Marshall’s revelation comes on the same night that Salon is under attack for its brutal takedown of President Obama’s personal statement on racial profiling today — in which contributor Rich Benjamin dropped the N-word and suggested that the president is comfortable letting Eric Holder stand in for him as the “angry black man.” The fact that it was a black man making the accusation didn’t shield Salon from a huge backlash, while others were shocked to find Salon even had a black contributor.

Does TPM have the diversity of staff to shed further insight into Marshall’s theory? It doesn’t seem likely, judging from this list of #ThingsLessWhiteThanTheTPMStaff.

Is TPM just part of the problem?