Ted Cruz might be the most interesting senator on Twitter, and he’s not above posting a meme now and then to make a point. The NFL has already told Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius it has no plans to team up with the Obama administration anytime soon to help pitch Obamacare to football fans, but Sebelius has plenty of alternative plans for its advertising blitz. The Washington Post reports that states are looking at spending millions to brand everything from “get covered” sunscreen to coffee cups to porta-potties outside concerts to promote state health insurance exchanges.

A spokesperson from Kentucky said the state has a number of promotions planned to make Obamacare go down more smoothly, and several of them include sponsorships of alcohol-centered events: the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, the Bourbon Chase and the Bourbon and Blues Festival will be stops along a mobile tour.



You’ll love Obamacare once you find out what’s in it — but visiting no fewer than three bourbon festivals doesn’t hurt.