They’re still friends, mind you. But a big part of friendship is honesty, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell felt it was time for Majority Leader Harry Reid to know the truth: he’s on his way into the history books as the worst Senate Majority Leader of all time. Don’t shoot the messenger, though.

The accusation came as part of floor debate over the GOP’s blocking of executive branch nominees, which has Reid threatening the “nuclear option” next week when seven more executive appointments will come to a vote. Sixteen of President Obama’s nominees have been blocked already, leading Reid to threaten to change Senate rules to lower the threshold from 60 votes to 51. McConnell fired back that such a move would “kill” the Senate, and his team even has the tombstone to prove it.

We get the point, but that’s not the Senate’s grave; it’s Reid’s. What was his family thinking when they had that made? Probably not the classiest move on McConnell’s part, but it’s just a metaphor, and it’s one that Reid came up with back in 2009.

Is anyone prepared to shed a tear over the death of the Senate? It’s been sick for a while.