The public is so outraged (allegedly) by the GOP’s ongoing war on women and its war on immigrants that there’s a chance today’s salvo in the war on children might have flown under the radar. Columnist Cynthia Tucker managed to find a way to tie today’s vote on the farm bill to the fight over restrictions on late-term abortions in Texas and other states: it’s just further proof that Republicans only care about children until they’re born, right?

The House did vote 216-208 today to pass a revision of the farm bill that had a $743 billion provision for food stamps stripped out. (The pork-stuffed version was voted down in June.) House leadership has said it will address food stamps later this month in a separate piece of legislation, and it’s possible the House and Senate will negotiate something in conference. Even the version passed by the Democrat-led Senate managed to cut $4.1 billion in food stamp funding over 10 years, inspiring “limousine hobo” and New York City mayoral hopeful John Liu to eat cold soup from the can while being chauffeured around the city.

There’s practically no chance that hundreds of billions won’t be allocated to the food stamp program, but that doesn’t make for a very dramatic headline, does it?

Something tells us you shouldn’t be counting on 45 million viewers tonight.

Did we mention that the Democrat-led Senate’s farm bill cuts food stamps too, by $400 million a year? Somebody’s going to starve.