The more (most) people learn about NSA leaker Edward Snowden, the less heroic he seems. The breaking point for many was Snowden’s personal statement about his search for political asylum, which saw the formerly well-paid government contractor assume “full-on victim mode.” Something about the champion of privacy and civil rights looking to Russia, Cuba, Ecuador and elsewhere for a new base of operations didn’t ring true with many, but Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, the conduit for the bulk of Snowden’s leaks, never wavered from his belief that his source was a hero — if not the hero. President Obama was just jealous when he dismissed Snowden as some 29-year-old hacker not worthy of scrambling F-16s.

Greenwald’s terse tweet suggesting that Snowden had done more for mankind in the last two months than, well, anybody, inspired the Twitterverse to pitch in with their own tales of Snowden’s heroics. Chuck Norris himself would surely crumble at the sight of these #GreenwaldSnowdenBrags.

Daniel Serwer, some guy who isn’t Edward Snowden, skipped the hashtag game but dared suggest his own lifetime of accomplishments wasn’t too shabby when compared to Snowden’s.