Someone had better check in on Piers Morgan, Jim Carrey and Michael Moore, because if they get a look at what’s going on at the Farewell to Arms Freedom Festival in Glendale, Colo., today, heads will certainly explode. In March, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law a number of gun control restrictions, including a ban on magazines with a capacity of more than 15 rounds, that are driving manufacturers like Magpul out of the state.

(For those readers who aren’t firearms experts like Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette, magazines “are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those now, they’re going to shoot them.”)

Not surprisingly, residents are buying up the supply while they can, and today they’re sending off the 30-round magazine in style.

The highlight of the event comes at 5 p.m., when radio host Dana Loesch arrives via helicopter bearing cases of 30-round magazines. Sweet.

Proceeds from the event will go to support Second Amendment causes, including the effort to recall Colorado Senate President John Morse. Organizers collected more than 10,000 verified signatures to initiate the recall, 3,000 more than needed.

* * *


Look out, Rep. Joe Salazar: Dana’s on her way, and if she gets confused and feels threatened, she might just “pop off” a few rounds in a panic. Women, huh?